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The GPUC was started in September of 2004 by the Grand Prairie City councilman Richard Fregoe of District 4.  Councilman Fregoe started the organization after attending a National League of Cities convention.  The group was formed from a diverse group of individual citizens of Grand Prairie, which included Native-Americans, African-Americans, Persian-American, Vietnamese-Americans, Euro-Americans and Hispanic-Americans. The group at inception was also representative of diverse religious, financial and educational backgrounds. 

After a slow first year the organization has grown and has championed many events to provide a way for the citizens of Grand Prairie to come together in friendship and to get to know each other better.  Some of the events we have participated are the Martin Luther King Parade and program, the Cinco de Mayo parade, hosted a booth at the annual Native-American Pow Wow held in Grand Prairie, the Juneteenth Parade among others.  

GPUC collaborates with other organizations such as the local NAACP and LULAC and businesses to promote unity and service in our community.  We also collaborated with the GPISD art teachers, students and parents to give Grand Prairie students the opportunity to showcase their artistic ability around various unifying subjects. 

Because of our contributions in the community Grand Prairie received the honor of being a “Inclusive City” by the National League of Cities in 2006 with the presentation of a huge banner stating such.

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